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Dallas Labor & Employment Attorney

Underwood Perkins’s Labor and Employment section counsels businesses and executives in their relationships with each other and with their employees. Our attorneys provide services to navigate the extensive state and federal statutes regulating these relationships. With its full range of services, and tough, aggressive and practical representation, we can provide services comparable to much larger firms at more affordable rates. Our labor and employment attorneys have in excess of 100 years of experience in this area and are called upon often to provide our business clients throughout the area, state and nation with advice in their employment relationships, helping resolve workplace disputes of all kinds.

Employee Relations

Underwood Perkins works with businesses and executives to provide the framework necessary for successful employment relationships. Our attorneys can:
  • Answer day-to-day employment questions,
  • Advise on the hiring, evaluation, discipline and termination of employees,
  • Draft agreements impacting the employment relationship, including:
    • Employment contracts,
    • Executive contracts,
    • Arbitration agreements,
    • Confidentiality agreements,
    • Noncompetition agreements,
    • Employee handbooks and policies and procedures, and
  • Counsel and assist employers faced with labor organizing activities.

Risk Management

Underwood Perkins keeps businesses on top of the law and manages their risk by helping implement and apply effective policies and procedures to avoid liability. Underwood Perkins’s attorneys can:
  • Advise employers on new employment issues,
  • Audit existing employment policies, procedures and practices for compliance,
  • Update policies, procedures and practices,
  • Provide assistance in complying with federal immigration statutes and policies, and
  • Provide training to implement the proper policies, procedures and practices.

Workplace Injuries

Underwood Perkins has unique expertise to advise businesses that opt out of the Texas Workers Compensation Act to become “nonsubscribers.” Our attorneys are active in TXANS, the Texas Association of [Responsible] Nonsubscribers, and have extensive experience representing nonsubscribers in litigation. Our attorneys can:
  • Counsel employers regarding the viability of workers’ compensation in Texas,
  • Advise companies whether nonsubscribing is appropriate for their business,
  • Draft ERISA plans for nonsubscribers to provide occupational injury benefits, and
  • Advise and represent employers on workplace injury issues under OSHA before the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.


In the event a workplace dispute goes to an administrative agency, trial or arbitration, Underwood Perkins works with employers to defend these cases vigorously and effectively. Underwood Perkins can:
  • Defend in court or arbitration, employment claims of all kinds, including statutory employment, tort, contract and wrongful discharge claims,
  • Represent companies before the various governmental administrative agencies, including the following:
    • EEOC,
    • OSHA,
    • NLRB,
    • Department of Labor,
    • Office of Federal Contractor Compliance,
    • Texas Workforce Commission, and
  • Defend employee grievances.

Underwood Perkins’s Labor and Employment attorneys strive to provide counseling, representation and defense to allow companies to continue to conduct their business.

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